My name is Luís Lopes, I was born in 1981 in Leiria, Portugal. As a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a lover of nature, the sustainability issue has always been a concern for me and in order to be able to contribute for a better world, at the age of 27 I had the opportunity to found my own company in renewable energies, based on the development of innovative products that ensured us the attribution of patents in 14 countries, including the United States of America.

Photography “in a more serious away” appears at the beginning of 2010 due to the various trips I took at the beginning of this professional journey. Passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures and places, it was the perfect combination to start my path in the field of landscape and nature photography. I always tried to seek in the photography my point of balance and escape, but what was initially just a hobby quickly became a more serious and responsible affair.

Already with some national awards and publications in international magazines, I spend a lot of my time editing, educating small groups of photographers also passionate about landscape photography and at last the most fun for me, planning my next photographic adventures. As a natural explorer and adventurer, I like to collect the best that each place has to offer. In this way I have the best of both worlds, I can explore my creativity and at the same time share with the world the images and emotions that I try to convey through photography.

Online presence


Magazines and Online Publishing

  • MEDITERRANIO E DINTORNI – Italian Magazine – Culture, Tourism and Art – Cover image, full portfolio inside, from Iceland – Jan 2020
  • MEDITERRANIO E DINTORNI – Italian Magazine – Culture, Tourism and Art – Full Portofolio inside, from Portugal – Jun 2019
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – International Photo Magazine – featured photo “The Dragon” –  April 2019
  • DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER – International Photo Magazine – featured photo “The Dragon”  –  April 2019 
  • BLACK&WHITE IN COLOR – Brazilian Photo Magazine – Cover image, full portfolio inside – Feb 2019
  • VISÃO – Portuguese National Magazine – featured photo “Kirkjufell” –  Jan 2019
  • CARAS – Portuguese National Magazine – featured photo “DC-3 in Flames” –  Dec 2018
  • OLHARES.COM Website – Several times featured for Cover image


On a Mission is a non-profit organisation investing in carefully selected reforestation projects to compensate carbon emissions. By scaling the projects, we aim at a massive impact on climate change.


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